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17-19 Nov. 2015 Program Director Mr. Tameezuddin Khero visiting schools in Khairpur, Sukkur and Larkana
Abad Lakha1
Abad Lakha10
Abad Lakha11
Abad Lakha12
Abad Lakha13
Abad Lakha2
Abad Lakha3
Abad Lakha4
Abad Lakha5
Abad Lakha6
Abad Lakha7
Abad Lakha8
Abad Lakha9
Ali Muhammad Chawro1 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro10 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro11 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro12 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro13 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro14 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro15 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro16 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro2 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro3 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro4 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro5 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro6 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro7 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro8 (Copy)
Ali Muhammad Chawro9 (Copy)
Arain1 (Copy)
Arain10 (Copy)
Arain12 (Copy)
Arain13 (Copy)
Arain14 (Copy)
Arain15 (Copy)
Arain16 (Copy)
Arain2 (Copy)
Arain3 (Copy)
Arain4 (Copy)
Arain5 (Copy)
Arain6 (Copy)
Arain7 (Copy)
Arain8 (Copy)
Arain9 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus1 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus10 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus11 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus12 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus13 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus14 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus15 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus16 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus2 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus3 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus4 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus5 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus6 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus7 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus8 (Copy)
Bedil Bekus9 (Copy)
Bhellar1 (Copy)
Bhellar2 (Copy)
Bhellar3 (Copy)
Bhellar4 (Copy)
Bhellar5 (Copy)
Bhellar6 (Copy)
Bhellar7 (Copy)
DSC01089 (Copy)
DSC01090 (Copy)
DSC01091 (Copy)
DSC01092 (Copy)
DSC01093 (Copy)
DSC01095 (Copy)
DSC01096 (Copy)
DSC01097 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth1 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth10 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth12 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth13 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth14 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth15 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth16 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth17 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth18 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth19 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth2 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth20 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth21 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth25 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth26 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth27 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth29 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth3 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth30 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth31 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth32 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth33 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth34 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth35 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth36 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth37 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth38 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth39 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth4 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth40 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth41 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth42 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth43 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth44 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth49 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth5 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth50 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth51 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth52 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth53 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth54 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth55 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth56 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth57 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth58 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth59 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth6 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth60 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth7 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth8 (Copy)
GBES Koro Goth9 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali1 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali10 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali11 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali12 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali13 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali15 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali16 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali17 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali18 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali19 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali2 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali20 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali21 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali22 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali23 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali24 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali25 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali26 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali27 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali28 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali29 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali3 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali30 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali31 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali4 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali6 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali7 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali8 (Copy)
GBHS Tando Mir Ali9 (Copy)
Haji Abdul Karim Unar2 (Copy)
Haji Abdul Karim Unar3 (Copy)
Haji Abdul Karim Unar4 (Copy)
Haji Abdul Karim Unar5 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar1 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar10 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar11 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar12 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar13 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar2 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar3 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar4 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar5 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar6 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar7 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar8 (Copy)
Hussain Kalwar9 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator1 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator10 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator11 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator12 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator13 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator14 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator15 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator16 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator17 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator18 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator19 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator2 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator20 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator21 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator22 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator23 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator24 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator25 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator26 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator27 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator28 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator29 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator3 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator30 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator31 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator32 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator33 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator34 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator35 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator36 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator37 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator38 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator39 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator4 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator40 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator41 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator42 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator43 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator44 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator45 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator46 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator47 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator5 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator51 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator52 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator53 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator54 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator55 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator56 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator57 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator58 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator59 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator6 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator60 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator61 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator62 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator63 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator68 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator69 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator7 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator70 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator71 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator72 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator73 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator74 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator75 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator76 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator77 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator8 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator82 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator83 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator84 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator85 (Copy)
Jajh Regulator9 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar1 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar10 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar11 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar12 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar2 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar3 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar4 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar5 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar6 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar7 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar8 (Copy)
Kamal Khan Indhar9 (Copy)
Karundi1 (Copy)
Karundi10 (Copy)
Karundi12 (Copy)
Karundi13 (Copy)
Karundi14 (Copy)
Karundi2 (Copy)
Karundi3 (Copy)
Karundi4 (Copy)
Karundi5 (Copy)
Karundi6 (Copy)
Karundi7 (Copy)
Karundi8 (Copy)
Karundi9 (Copy)
Kehar10 (Copy)
Kehar11 (Copy)
Kehar12 (Copy)
Kehar13 (Copy)
Kehar14 (Copy)
Kehar15 (Copy)
Kehar16 (Copy)
Kehar17 (Copy)
Kehar18 (Copy)
Kehar19 (Copy)
Kehar2 (Copy)
Kehar3 (Copy)
Kehar4 (Copy)
Kehar5 (Copy)
Kehar6 (Copy)
Kehar7 (Copy)
Kehar8 (Copy)
Kehar9 (Copy)
Modern1 (Copy)
Modern10 (Copy)
Modern11 (Copy)
Modern2 (Copy)
Modern3 (Copy)
Modern4 (Copy)
Modern6 (Copy)
Modern7 (Copy)
Modern8 (Copy)
Modern9 (Copy)
Mulla Ali1 (Copy)
Mulla Ali2 (Copy)
Mulla Ali3 (Copy)
Mulla Ali4 (Copy)
Mulla Ali5 (Copy)
Mulla Ali6 (Copy)
Mulla Ali7 (Copy)
Municipal1 (Copy)
Municipal2 (Copy)
Municipal3 (Copy)
Municipal4 (Copy)
Phulpota-11 (Copy)
Phulpota-110 (Copy)
Phulpota-12 (Copy)
Phulpota-13 (Copy)
Phulpota-15 (Copy)
Phulpota-16 (Copy)
Phulpota-17 (Copy)
Phulpota-18 (Copy)
Phulpota-19 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth10 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth11 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth12 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth13 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth14 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth15 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth16 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth17 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth2 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth3 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth4 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth7 (Copy)
Pir Jo Goth9 (Copy)
Saidu Dero10 (Copy)
Saidu Dero11 (Copy)
Saidu Dero2 (Copy)
Saidu Dero3 (Copy)
Saidu Dero4 (Copy)
Saidu Dero5 (Copy)
Saidu Dero6 (Copy)
Saidu Dero7 (Copy)
Saidu Dero8 (Copy)
Saidu Dero9 (Copy)
Wadi Wahini2 (Copy)
Wadi Wahini3 (Copy)
Wadi Wahini4 (Copy)
Wadi Wahini5 (Copy)
Wadi Wahini6 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi10 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi11 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi12 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi2 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi3 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi4 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi5 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi6 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi7 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi8 (Copy)
Wikiya Sangi9 (Copy)
Zakrio Mahesar1 (Copy)
Zakrio Mahesar2 (Copy)
Zakrio Mahesar3 (Copy)
Zakrio Mahesar4 (Copy)

Success Stories
Annual School Days

To promote its second phase of community mobilization activities, the Community Mobilization Program (CMP) component of the Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP) has facilitated a series of Annual School Days in 46 SBEP targeted schools...
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November 04, 2018
Applications are invited from interested candidates, please follow the link to apply. Last date for submission of applic...

October 05, 2018
World Teachers’ Day commemorated at U.S. Government-funded school in Gadap Town Karachi – The United States Agency for I...

October 02, 2018
The 19th Program Steering Committee of Sindh Basic Education Program met to review program progress on 02nd October, 201...

September 12, 2018
Synergizing inputs and efforts revamp education in Sindh, says Sindh education minister. The Sindh Education Minister Sy...