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10th Program Steering Committee
11th Program Steering Committee
12 May 2017 - Groundbreaking Ceremony of GBPS Weeharabad Kiamari Karachi
12th Program Steering Committee
13th Program Steering Committee
14th Program Steering Committee
15th Program Steering Committee
17-19 Nov. 2015 Program Director Mr. Tameezuddin Khero visiting schools in Khairpur, Sukkur and Larkana
19th August Minister Education Visit of PMIU
3 January 2017 Visit of Secretary Mr. Jamal Mustafa Sayed
9th Program Steering Committee
Annual School Day
Asian Development Bank delegation visit
Child Nutrition Conference
Childrens Literature Festival 2016
EGRA Dissemination Conference
EMO Concession Ceremony

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Annual School Days

To promote its second phase of community mobilization activities, the Community Mobilization Program (CMP) component of the Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP) has facilitated a series of Annual School Days in 46 SBEP targeted schools...
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News & Events
September 19, 2107
Another milestone achieved, SBEP two more schools inaugurated today.The Sindh Basic Education Program inaugurated two mo...

25 July 2017
SCDP holds a meeting on progression of the NFE policy document. The Sindh School Education & Literacy Department and the...

12 May 2017
The Sindh Education Minister and US Consul General along with Special Secretary Education Akhtar Inyat Bhurgri and US De...

30 March 2017
The 16th Program Steering Committee of Sindh Basic Education Program meets to review program progress on 30th March 2017...