In Partnership with Government of Sindh
Sindh Community Mobilization Program
Increase & sustain enrollment of children in government schools

The Community Mobilization Program (CMP) is a five-year USAID-funded program. It has been awarded to International Relief and Development (IRD) by USAID and commenced in August 2013.

The aim of CMP is to sustain community mobilization and school based management in Sindh province. The programís inclusive community activities are designed to make educational improvements sustainable by increasing community support for local schools and advocacy for better educational provision generally. Itís launched in the same geographical areas as its parent SBEP.

    CMP is the cornerstone of SBEP and focuses on four key objectives:
  • Increase communitiesí involvement in the GOS reform of merging, consolidating, and upgrading schools.
  • Improve community and district administrations coordination for increased girlís enrollment.
  • Improve child nutrition in selected communities and government schools through research that informs innovation and good practice.
  • Sustain community mobilization and school-based management through public-private partnership. As an initiative and pilot component, it formed the Education Management Organization (EMO) system.

    In addition, CMP has three cross cutting themes that will significantly add value to these objectives.
  • Gender: Mainstreaming of program activities.
  • Water and sanitation (WATSAN): Improved facilities, knowledge and practice.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR): Improved awareness, knowledge, preparation, and practice.

The program tracks and supports the construction, merging, consolidation, and upgrading schedule of SBEP and works with neighboring schools which fall within designated areas around new schools being built under SBEP and that accord with the specific criteria set by USAID for CMP activities.

Success Stories
Annual School Days

To promote its second phase of community mobilization activities, the Community Mobilization Program (CMP) component of the Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP) has facilitated a series of Annual School Days in 46 SBEP targeted schools...
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